Climate change and TrafficQuest


During the ‘International Conference on Surface Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events’ of the TRB in Washington DC senior advisor Kees van Muiswinkel of Rijkswaterstaat presented the TrafficQuest publication "Traffic in the Netherlands" to Monica Starnes. Monica was very interested and would give a copy to her colleagues at TRB. Monica is a senior program offices and is the manager for the TRB activities related to transport policy, climate change and resilience, sustainability and socio-economic affairs. Climate change resilience is not a topic for TrafficQuest, but certainly it is for her partners. Obviously, Rijkswaterstaat is very involved, but also Delft University of Technology, which investigates for example evacuation stategies and the role of traffic management. TNO is involved in the National Adaptation Strategy.


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