First regional meeting on urban traffic management


Friday April 1st, 2016 the first of three regional meetings on urban traffic management was held in the Traffic Innovation Centre in Helmond. The meetings are organised by the Platform 'Road Authorities meet Road Authorities' (WOW), CROW, TrafficQuest and the National Council on Traffic Management (LVMB). The goals are to bundle knowledge and expertise on the field of urban traffic management, to agree on national standards and to show the effectiveness of urban traffic management to policy and decision makers. More information (in Dutch) can be found of the website of the Platform WOW.

Regional meetings on urban traffic management

Urban traffic management will play a bigger role in the near future. But which role is that? And how can urban traffic management contribute to facilitate the increasing and changing demand for mobility?


Different organisations concluded that the potential of urban traffic management is not fully utilised. More attention and more knowledge is needed for different topics such as parking, bicycle traffic and temporary situation for road works and events. That is why Platform WOW, CROW, TrafficQuest and the National Council on Traffic Management (LVMB) decided to start a working group 'Urban Traffic Management'. Three regional meetings are planned to discuss topics and questions.

Policy note ITS and urban traffic management

The CIVITAS initiative was launched in 2002 and its aim is to support cities to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. Transport telematics is one of its research areas and work in this area of CIVITAS has led to the publication of a policy note on ITS and urban traffic management. TrafficQuest was involved in the discussion of what this note had to address. The policy note provides information and guidance to help municipalities select sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient ITS and traffic management measures in order to meet European, national and local goals. It is a step-by-step guide that starts with the positioning of ITS and traffic management in the urban mobility context and then provides a structured approach to selection of services and measures. In addition to this guide the note also provides a measure catalogue offering measure descriptions, benefits and possible barriers, as well as insights on expected future developments and practical examples of measures implemented in cities.

TrafficQuest Research on Buffers

The TrafficQuest research on the effectiveness of buffers is discussed in the Dutch traffic magazine Verkeerskunde. You can read the article in Dutch here.

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