Farewell Seminar Frans op de Beek

On June 22nd, 2016 Frans op de Beek had his farewell seminar entitled "The Impact of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving on Traffic Management", and accompanying reception in Rotterdam during which he said goodbye to more than 200 colleagues. During the seminar Frans looked back on his long and distinguished career with companies and organisations as Philips, DHV, TNO and Rijkswaterstaat. He also inspired all present with his own outlook on the future of traffic management. He stated that "the developments around connected and automated driving gain momentum and are accelerating".

During the seminar Frans was praised by the (inter)national speakers for his efforts, enthusiasm and his substantive contribution to these developments, apart from his competence to set people in motion. Frans was the initiator of the cooperative corridors in Europe. Also, together with the policy makers of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and DG MOVE of the European Commission, he was one of the forces that enabled the 'Declaration of Amsterdam', with which innvoations in the field of 'connected and automated driving' were made part of the (inter)national agenda for the coming years. In his closing speech the Director-General of Rijkswaterstaat, Jan Hendrik Dronkers, also praised Frans as a person: "an inspiration for everybody". Frans is succeeded by Serge van Dam.


Other presentation during the seminar were given by:

Bart van Arem (TU Delft) on automatic driving on motorways

Lorike Hagdorn (TNO) on truck platooning

Risto Kulmala (Finnish Transport Agency) on the impact of automation on traffic management

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