First regional meeting on urban traffic management


Friday April 1st, 2016 the first of three regional meetings on urban traffic management was held in the Traffic Innovation Centre in Helmond. The meetings are organised by the Platform 'Road Authorities meet Road Authorities' (WOW), CROW, TrafficQuest and the National Council on Traffic Management (LVMB). The goals are to bundle knowledge and expertise on the field of urban traffic management, to agree on national standards and to show the effectiveness of urban traffic management to policy and decision makers. More information (in Dutch) can be found of the website of the Platform WOW.

Almost 40 experts, working for road authorities, determined which three topics at this moment are most important within the field of urban traffic management. After that, for every topic the most pressing questions were listed and prioritised. On Wednesday April 13th (in The Hague) and Tuesday May 10th (in Zwolle) these topics are further discussed with another composition of experts. The goal is ultimately that the working group on urban traffic management will try to answer the most important questions.

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