TrafficQuest ends


Since 2009 TrafficQuest has been developing, bundling , applying and disseminating knowledge on traffic management and traffic information. For more than 7 years the partners in TrafficQuest (Rijkswaterstaat, TNO and Delft University of Technology) have been covering the whole spectrum from fundamental, theoretical knowledge on traffic management to operational knowledge on the application and effectiveness of traffic management in practice. But now this will come to an end.


Since 2009 things have changed substantially in this field. Much more attention is paid to developments such as cooperative ITS (C-ITS) and automated driving. Besides that, the focus on collaboration has grown a lot, not only on the collaboration between road authorities, but also with the industry. Programs such as Optimising Use of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and organisations such as Connecting Mobility and DITCM have emerged from this larger focus on cooperation.


All these changes have raised the question what an organisation such as TrafficQuest can still add to the development of traffic management in the Netherlands. This question was discussed thoroughly and the outcome was a decision to stop with the cooperation in TrafficQuest. That means that all activities that were done within TrafficQuest are going to carried out in a different way in 2017. Of course the TrafficQuest partners will still be involved in many of the programs, projects and organisations that are operational and active in this field. Also the well-known booklet “Traffic in the Netherlands” will continue to be published in 2017. The website with all publications will also continue to be on-line for a while. In short: TrafficQuest ends, but our expertise stays!


We would like to thank everybody who we’ve met and worked with in the past years in connection to TrafficQuest for their attention, for reading our publications, for asking questions and for taking part in our activities.


Supervisory Board:

Bart van Arem –Delft University of Technology

André van Lammeren – Rijkswaterstaat

Erik de Romph – TNO


TrafficQuest team:

Aad van der Burgh – Rijkswaterstaat

Serge Hoogendoorn –Delft University of Technology

Ronald van Katwijk – TNO

Henk Schuurman – Rijkswaterstaat

Henk Taale – Rijkswaterstaat

Isabel Wilmink – TNO

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