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Since 2009 TrafficQuest has been developing, bundling , applying and disseminating knowledge on traffic management and traffic information. For more than 7 years the partners in TrafficQuest (Rijkswaterstaat, TNO and Delft University of Technology) have been covering the whole spectrum from fundamental, theoretical knowledge on traffic management to operational knowledge on the application and effectiveness of traffic management in practice. But now this will come to an end.

National day for road authorities 2015

Banner_WOW_dag_2015_100On thursday October 1st, 2015, the IJsseldelta center in Zwolle hosted the national day of 'road authorities meet road authorities' and 'water meets water' (in Dutch both terms abbreviate to WOW). Apart from a speech of the director of Rijkswaterstaat and chairman of WOW Jan Hendrik Dronkers and a brainstorm session with all attendees (about 450 people), also several sessions were held about various topics, such as a non-frozen bicycle bridge, the regional climate approach and cybersecurity. TrafficQuest was also present with a banner, booklets and a joint session with the National Traffic Management Platform (LVMB, in Dutch). The LVMB is a national organisation of road authorities with the purpose to explore, discuss and develop common topics in the field of traffic management. During the session TrafficQuest presented the plan for a Platform Urban Traffic Management, which is a joint effort with the LVMB, CROW and WOW. Altogehter a fruitful day, during which a lot of people could meet and get acquinted with TrafficQuest.

Climate change and TrafficQuest


During the ‘International Conference on Surface Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events’ of the TRB in Washington DC senior advisor Kees van Muiswinkel of Rijkswaterstaat presented the TrafficQuest publication "Traffic in the Netherlands" to Monica Starnes. Monica was very interested and would give a copy to her colleagues at TRB. Monica is a senior program offices and is the manager for the TRB activities related to transport policy, climate change and resilience, sustainability and socio-economic affairs. Climate change resilience is not a topic for TrafficQuest, but certainly it is for her partners. Obviously, Rijkswaterstaat is very involved, but also Delft University of Technology, which investigates for example evacuation stategies and the role of traffic management. TNO is involved in the National Adaptation Strategy.


Workprogram 2014

Logo2IconAt the eind of last year the workprogram for 2015 was approved by the supervisory board of TrafficQuest. In the workprogram the topics are described which TrafficQuest will be working on in 2015. Important topics are urban traffic management, a continuation of the workshop in July 2014, automatic driving and an upate of the succesful publication 'Traffic in the Netherlands'. Besides that TrafficQuest will contribute to projects and will give advice. Also state-of-the-art-reports are planned, because there is a need for this kind of reports. So, enough work to continu the help TrafficQuest can provide.

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