Traffic in the Netherlands 2014

Report 'Traffic in the Netherlands 2014'


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4.1 New research themes

PhD thesis 'Dynamic Origin-destination Matrix Estimation in Large-scale Congested Networks'

PhD thesis 'Intersection Modelling and Marginal Simulation in Macroscopic Dynamic Network Loading'

PhD thesis 'Bayesian Data Assimilation for Improved Modeling of Road Traffic'

PhD thesis 'Multi-Class Continuum Traffic Flow Models: Analysis and Simulation Methods'

PhD thesis 'Lagrangian Multi-Class Traffic State Estimation'

Report 'Self-driving cars: the next revolution'

Articlel 'Urban Gridlock: Macroscopic Modeling and Mitigation Approaches'

Article 'Existence of Urban-scale Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams: Some Experimental Findings'

Article 'Impact of Traffic Dynamics on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram'

Article 'Network Transmission Model: a dynamic traffic model at network level'

Article 'A Porous Flow Approach to Modeling Heterogeneous Traffic in Disordered Systems'

Website 'EU-project VRUITS'

Website 'OpenLR'


4.2 Relevant PhD research

Article 'The Impact of Loop Detector Distance and Floating Car Data Penetration Rate on Queue Tail Warning'

Article 'The Effect of Inaccurate Traffic Data for Ramp Metering: Comparing Loop Detectors and Cameras Using Information Utility'


4.3 Interesting conference papers

Paper 'Freeway On-ramp Bottleneck Activation, Capacity and the Fundamental Relationship'

Paper 'Modelling Supported Driving as an Optimal Control Cycle: Framework and Model Characteristics'

Paper 'Analysis of Traffic Performance of a Ramp Metering Strategy Using Cooperative Vehicles'

Paper 'A Cooperative System Based Variable Speed Limit Control Algorithm against Jam Waves – an Extension of the SPECIALIST Algorithm'


5.1 Coordinated network traffic management

Website ''


5.2 Integration road-side and in-car systems

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5.3 Automatic driving

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5.4 Safetey

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5.6 Platforms for cooperation


iMobility Forum