Traffic in the Netherlands 2015

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1 Traffic statistics

INRIX Traffic Scorecard

TomTom Traffic Index


4.1 New research themes

PhD thesis 'Characteristics of Chinese Driver Behavior'

PhD thesis 'Cooperative In-Vehicle Advice: A Study into Drivers’ Ability and Willingness to Follow Tactical Driver Advice'

PhD thesis 'Dynamic Route Choice Modelling of the Effects of Travel Information using RP Data'

PhD thesis 'The Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on Accessibility'

PhD thesis 'Dynamic OD Demand Estimation and Prediction for Dynamic Traffic Management'

Paper 'SPECIALIST-RM: integrated variable speed limit control and ramp metering based on shock wave theory'

Article 'Integrated feedback ramp metering and mainstream traffic flow control on mo -torways using variable speed limits'

Paper 'Cooperative systems based control for  integrating ramp metering and variable speed limits'

MSc thesis 'Integrated Approach to Variable Speed Limits & Ramp Metering: extension of COSCAL v2 algorithm with ramp metering and ramp queue constraints'

Paper 'Real-Time Travel Time Prediction Framework for Departure Time and Route Advice'

Article 'Hybrid powertrain optimization with trajectory prediction based on inter-vehicle-communication and vehicle-infrastructure-integration'

Article 'Developing vehicular data cloud services in the IoT environment'

Article 'A reference architecture for cooperative driving'

PhD thesis 'Analysis and design of controllers for cooperative and automated driving'

Article 'Connected Car: Quantified Self become Quantified Car'

Report 'Roadmap Automation in Road Transport'

Report 'Automated Driving Roadmap'

Report 'Truck platooning - Driving the future of transportation'

Report 'Overview and Analysis of Vehicle Automation and Communication Systems from a Motorway Traffic Management Perspective'

Report 'Human factors evaluation of level 2 and level 3 automated driving concepts: Concepts of operation'

Article 'Driving next to automated vehicle pla-toons: How do short time headways influence non-platoon drivers’ longitudinal control?'

Article 'Evaluation of the hybrid model of public bicycle sharing operation and private bi-cycle parking management'

Report 'Methods and Technologies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data Collection'

Speech 'Traffic under a microscope'

Article 'Virtualized Traffic at Metropolitan Scales'


4.2 Relevant PhD research

Paper 'The Effect of Inaccurate Traffic Data for Ramp Metering: Comparing Loop Detectors and Cameras Using Information Utility'

Article 'Application of advanced sampling for efficient probabilistic traffic modelling'

PhD thesis 'The Effects of Information and  Communication Technologies  on Accessibility'

PhD thesis 'Fusing Heterogeneous Traffic Data: Parsimonious Approaches using Data-Data Consistency'

PhD thesis 'Dynamic OD Demand Estimation and Prediction for Dynamic Traffic Management'

PhD thesis 'Generic Model Predictive Control Framework for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems'

PhD thesis 'Assessing the impact of imposing environmental hard constraints in traffic network'


4.3 Interesting papers for conferences

PhD thesis 'Real-Time Urban Traffic Control under Saturated Traffic Conditions'

ITSC 204

94th Annual Meeting Transportation Research Board


5.1 Coordinated network management

Cooperative ITS Corridor


5.2 Automatic driving





Mcity Test Facility



5.3 Safety

Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot


Vulnerable Road Users & ITS


5.4 Data and data fusion

Urban Mobility Lab



5.5 Projects, programs and platforms



Connecting Mobility