Visit French delegation from Cerema

On October 5th and 6th 2016, a delegation from Cerema (‘Centre d’études et d’expertise sur les risques, l’environnement, la mobilité et l’amenagement’, a French public resource centre for scientific and technical expertise), visited the Netherlands to learn about the traffic management systems in place in the Netherlands, and the innovative measures that are being tested. The two days of the visit were filled with presentations and discussions at TrafficQuest (to what extent are the approaches similar in the Netherlands and France, and where do the approaches differ?) and experiencing current traffic management and innovative measures on the road and in the traffic management centres in Rhoon and Helmond. Besides experiencing automated incident detection, variable speed limits, and peak hour, bus and truck lanes, we also tested the shockwave damping apps on the A58 and an automated vehicle that was following a virtual predecessor.

Presentations 'New Developments in Evaluating ITS'


On a very sunny afternoon the garden of 'Lijm en Cultuur', a conference centre in Delft, was the setting of the seminar 'New Developments in Evaluating ITS', organised by TrafficQuest, TRAIL and Delft University of Technology. More than 20 participants were seated in the shade of trees to listen (or be distracted by industrial noise) to inspiring talks about data, models and developments in evaluation. Presentations, which can be downloaded, were:

1. Hai Le Vu - The Role of Information in Smart Transport

2. Francesco Viti - Dynamic Demand Modelling in the era of Big Data

3. Hans van Lint - Evaluating C-ITS

4. Simeon Calvert - Importance of Considering Uncertainty for ITS

Seminar "New Developments in Evaluating ITS"

Smart_transportOn May 26th, 2016, PhD student Simeon Calvert defended his PhD thesis “Stochastic Macro­scopic Analysis and Modelling for Traffic Management” at the Delft University of Technology. On the occasion of his public defence, TrafficQuest, TRAIL and TU Delft have organised the seminar ‘New Developments in Evaluating ITS’. In this seminar four lecturers will present developments in traffic management and new methods to determine the effectiveness. The seminar gives insight in the role of information, use of data for modelling, the newest techniques to simulate traffic flow correctly and reliably and new methods for evaluation. The presentations will focus on the relation with ITS. This seminar is aimed at a broad audience, varying from students to policy makers and people working in the field of ITS. More information and registration.

Summer school Smart Mobility


On June 16th, 2016 Rijkswaterstaat, together with TrafficQuest, Platform WOW, the programmes Smart Mobility and Connecting Mobility and the ITS Corridor project, organised the Summer school Smart Mobility. Over 160 participants met in the Netherlands, in Hoek van Holland. Representatives of knowledge institutes, private companies and government organisations listened to the keynote speeches and participated in the workshops. Smart Mobility is expected to have a large influence on society and on the role and responsibilities of road authorities and private parties. Cooperation and transferring knowledge are important aspects of this development. The programma en presentaties can be found in the next section.