Presentations 'New Developments in Evaluating ITS'


On a very sunny afternoon the garden of 'Lijm en Cultuur', a conference centre in Delft, was the setting of the seminar 'New Developments in Evaluating ITS', organised by TrafficQuest, TRAIL and Delft University of Technology. More than 20 participants were seated in the shade of trees to listen (or be distracted by industrial noise) to inspiring talks about data, models and developments in evaluation. Presentations, which can be downloaded, were:

1. Hai Le Vu - The Role of Information in Smart Transport

2. Francesco Viti - Dynamic Demand Modelling in the era of Big Data

3. Hans van Lint - Evaluating C-ITS

4. Simeon Calvert - Importance of Considering Uncertainty for ITS



Altogehter a very succesful event, in which under special circumstances the latest developments on evaluation, data and models were unfolded by researchers who are working on the forefront of these topics.