Alternative data sources for traffic management


Traffic management measures are for a large part feeded with data from loop detectors. However, nowadays other sources of data are available. These other sources are used for monitoring in traffic management centres, but not to as input for traffic management measusres. Therefore, TrafficQuest has written a report to explore the possibilities of alternative data sources. Note that the report is in Dutch.

Traffic in the Netherlands 2016


For the 3rd time we publish as TrafficQuest our annual report 'Traffic in the Netherlands. Also this year we discuss in detail figures and trends in traffic and zoom in on a number of specific cases: the opening of the A4 Midden-Delfland motorway and expected bottlenecks in the near future on the A2 motorway between junctions Deil and Empel. Of course we also discuss the major and important topics of 2016 and we deal with a number of relevant scientific and professional publicatons. The topic of the coming years is smart mobility. The Netherlands wish to play an important role in this development, for example to test mobility solutions in practise. We describe some pilot projects in this field en also mention a number of partnerships that have the task to coordinate all these developments. Just like previous years this publications is send to you with NM magazine, but can also be downloaded here. Have fun reading it!

Update report on traffic models

The state-of-the-art report "Traffic assignment and simulation models" was well received, both national and international. In the report an overview is given of the different types of models and the accompanying software tools that are applied in the Netherlands. After receiving comments from readers it was time review the contents of the report and this is done in version 2. The review consists of the adjustment of certain facts and the rewriting of some paragraphs to make it more readable. Also information was added and the report has become a state-of-the-art report again. But if you still have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact TrafficQuest.

Traffic assignment and simulation models

In the Netherlands traffic models are often used to determine the impacts of measures aiming at improving traffic flow operations. These measures can vary from new infrastructure and traffic management to demand management and can have goals related to accessibility, but also to safety or liveability. For the different applications traffic models of various different kinds are available. From models that assign traffic flows in the whole of the Netherlands in 2040 to models that simulate the interaction between vehicles on a stretch of road for the next second. The state-of-the-art report "Traffic assignment and simulation models" tries to introduce structure, using the well-know TrafficQuestions are used: What are we talking about? What is the State-of-the-Practice in the Netherlands and other countries? What is the benefit? What are developments and is the perspective for the future? The report does not pretend to be complete and if something is missing or is not stated correctly, please contact us.

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