Cooperative systems and automated driving in 2014

Cooperative systems and automated driving are hot topics. Many parties are involved or want to be involved in the development of systems for these subjects. They are also high on the list of the team that is responsible for the realisation of the ‘Connecting Mobility’ programme of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. On May 27, 2014 TrafficQuest presented to this team the state-of-the-art in cooperative systems and automated driving (the presentation is in Dutch). In 2011 TrafficQuest wrote a report about these topics, but much has happened since and a large part of the information in that report is already outdated. The presentation gives an overview of the developments in this areas in recent years. This information will be used to update the report.


There is definitily a large need for traffic information. On all sorts of moments and for all kinds of occasions road users can use information about the best time to depart, the best route to choose or even the best travel mode to take. But for the use of information by the road users the quality of the information is essential. Is the quality too low, than the road user will disregard this information or advice and doesn't the dissemination of information have any effect on the traffic conditions in the network. In The Netherlands traffic information is distributed via several systems and channels. In the report Informeren (only available in Dutch) this topic is discussed: what is going on in The Netherlands and elsewhere and what are the developments.

Report Human Factors in Traffic Management

In 2012 TrafficQuest published a State-fo-the-Art report on "Human Factors in Traffic Management". On a European level people were interested to use this report as input for a research program on human factors and ITS. Therefore, the Dutch report has been translated and it by now can be found in the reports section.

Overview effects traffic management

Gaining knowledge about the effects of traffic management is useful and necessary, both for policy formulation as for traffic operations. On a strategic level decisions are made which alternatives to invest in are most feasible and cost effective and on an operational level the impact of a traffic management scenario is studied to improve traffic operations. In The Netherlands a lot of attention has been paid to the evaluation of traffic management measures. Since 2008 an overview exists in which the results of evaluations studies are presented in a comprehensive manner. Recently, TrafficQuest updated this overview with the latest studies, with makes that the overview contains the results of more than 175 evaluations. The references are given in this list (in Dutch) and the results itself are summarised in a presentation (also in Dutch only). In the future the results will be presented in a more accessible way and also in English.

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