Traffic assignment and simulation models

In the Netherlands traffic models are often used to determine the impacts of measures aiming at improving traffic flow operations. These measures can vary from new infrastructure and traffic management to demand management and can have goals related to accessibility, but also to safety or liveability. For the different applications traffic models of various different kinds are available. From models that assign traffic flows in the whole of the Netherlands in 2040 to models that simulate the interaction between vehicles on a stretch of road for the next second. The state-of-the-art report "Traffic assignment and simulation models" tries to introduce structure, using the well-know TrafficQuestions are used: What are we talking about? What is the State-of-the-Practice in the Netherlands and other countries? What is the benefit? What are developments and is the perspective for the future? The report does not pretend to be complete and if something is missing or is not stated correctly, please contact us.

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