Dynamic Traffic Management Amsterdam


In recent years experiments have been conducted within the Pratical Trial Traffic Management Amsterdam with connecting and coordinating road sides systems and with the interaction with individual vehicles. Amsterdam has always been on the forefront of traffic management developments. This was confirmed with an article that was brought to our attention. This article (in Dutch) of author Joost van der Valk ('Roads' magazine, no. 9, October 1994) describes how Rijkswaterstaat applied traffic management in the region of Amsterdam.


The nice thing to read in this article is that in those days the same principles were used that are still valid (and also applied in the Pratical Trial Traffic Management Amsterdam): limit the inflow to the motorway, distribute the traffic in the network in an 'optimal' way and smooth the traffic the flows for throughput and safety. Also the integration of systems and embedding traffic management in traffic control centres was emphasised. With the current situation with respect to the information and communication technology, data collection techniques and possession of smartphones and navigation systems there are more possibilities to bring these measures to the attention of road users than in 1994. However, to read about the history of traffic management gives insight in the developments of our days.

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