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MoniGraph is a tool which processes, analyses and visualises monitoring datafrom motorway stretches. Input for the tool is information about the motorwaystretch, the date and time period the user wants to analyse, the type andlocation of the data and some parameters for the analysis. This informationcan be specified via the user interface (figure 5) or a text input file (in ASCIIformat). The output consists of graphs on speeds, flows and travel times, atext file (also ASCII) with all the information shown in the graphs and someextra information on the quality of the data and some network indicators (totaldistance travelled, total delay, total congestion, etc.).



The MoniGraph application can be obtained via this link. To run MoniGraph a library with MATLAB Runtime Components is needed. Download and install these, follow the instructions on the screen and restart the computer.



For MoniGraph a short manual is available. In the past the calculation of travel times with MoniGraph is validated with real travel time measurements, with good results. MoniGraph and a number of applications are also described in a paper for the European Transport Conference.


MARPLE is the abbreviaton for Model for Assignment and Regional Policy Evaluation. It is a macroscopic dynamic traffic assignment model which can be used to calculate traffic and impacts of traffic management measures in regional networks, both motorways and urban roads.



To use MARPLE a library with MATLAB Runtime Components has to be installed. MARPLE can be installed with the setup file. First unpack this file and run it.



MARPLE has an extensive manual, but only in Dutch. A more scientific description can be found in the PhD thesis 'Anticipatory Control of Road Networks - A Game Theoretic Approach'.