Analysis of near future bottlenecks

overzicht_knelpunten_2016Rijkswaterstaat has asked TrafficQuest the question which future bottlenecks Rijkswaterstaat can expect in their road network the coming years (period 2016-2018) and what traffic management measures are needed to deal with these new bottlenecks. To investigate this an inquiry was held with the different traffic control centres to locate these bottlenecks. Their judgement and expert knowledge was used for this. Eventually, 14 bottleneck locations were selected and this selection was based on the existence of a clear road section which caused the congestion and the availability of data. After the selection the Data and Information Management section of Rijkswaterstaat generated information for these roadsections and accompanying routes. The data was analysed by TrafficQuest and reported in a memo (only in Dutch).

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