Who are we?


Ronald_van_KatwijkRonald van Katwijk works at TNO on traffic management and cooperative systems. At TNO he has been responsible for the development of both microscopic and macroscopic traffic and transport models, real-time data analysis and processing algorithms (e.g. for forecasting travel time based on detector loop and floating car data), and various decision support systems. He furthermore contributed to the creation of various architectures amongst which the European RIS (River Information System) architecture and the Dutch Architecture for Traffic Management. His research has since focused on how to bridge the gap between traffic management and traffic control. In 2008 he obtained his PhD on the subject of Multi-Agent Look-Ahead Traffic-Adaptive Control.



Henk Schuurman works at Rijkwaterstaat Water, Traffic and Environment (RWS-WVL) as a coordinator and senior advisor. Within TrafficQuest he focusses especially on the developments in the area of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) for road traffic. Besides that he participates and is active within the Program Smart Mobility (portfolio management and coordinator for the international activities), knowledge management and several international platforms (CEDR N7, CEDR research ITS, EU C-ITS deployment Platform and the Amsterdam Group). Henk has a MSc degree in Civil Engineering.





Henk Taale is senior adviser at Rijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic and Environment (RWS-WVL). He has over 20 years of experience in traffic management, dynamic traffic models and evaluation. He managed and manages many projects in these areas. He coordinates, from Rijkswaterstaat’s side, the TrafficQuest organization and is of course also involved in the content, specifically advising on evaluations and traffic models. In addition, he is project leader of the National Evaluation Program, the Regional Traffic Management Explorer, and coordinator of ITS Edulab. Henk studied mathematics at Delft University of Technology and received a PhD  in 2008 with a thesis titled “Integrated Anticipatory Control of Road Networks”.



Isabel Wilmink works as a senior scientist / project manager at TNO and has a traffic engineering background. She graduated from Delft University of Tecnology in 1995, with a Civil Engineering degree. She has worked in a large number of national and international projects in the areas of traffic management and intelligent transport systems (ITS). Often, this involves the evaluation of the effects on traffic efficiency, traffic safety and the environment (ex-ante, with traffic models, and ex-post, based on measurements and modeling). At TrafficQuest, Isabel focuses on the topics sustainable traffic management, cooperative systems and evaluation methodologies.